Money. What is it Good For? by Grace Ncube

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What is the purpose of money? money_tree5

Does it buy the things we need?

Food, water, shelter, and comfort are necessities.

Does a forest not provide all of these things?


Does money make us happy?

People in our lives can bring us joy.


Does money bring us friends?

Your true friends should care nothing for your money,

bank account,

or credit scores.


How about success? Does salary equal success?

Isn’t success reaching your goals?

What does money have to do with that?


Will money buy you love?

Love is free to give and free to receive.

Even a puppy can love you.

Most dogs don’t make a cent!


What is the purpose of money?

Money equals convenience.

Buying is easier than making.

Purchasing is more simple than preparation.



The elements of nature.


Lack of community.

Lack of support from friends and family.







Money equals convenience.


When dangers come at us,

or even the thought of dangers,

or the fact that such dangers exist


we are able to use money as a convenience against dangers,

and against thoughts of possible danger.

Or against the spontaneity of danger.


Humans did not always use money.

Money evolved as a dependency of modern society.


Money is paper and metal.

Or rocks.

Money comes from the earth.

But money is not a necessity.



Won’t You Please, PLEASE Help Me? by Grace Ncube

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That Random Guy

How easy is it to give a homeless person $1?

How easy is it to give every homeless person I see $1?

How easy is it to give the same homeless person I see each and every single day $1?

That Person Whose Phone Calls I Screen

Is it easy to help a friend?

Is it easy to help a friend every time they actually ask me?

Is it easy to help a friend every time they ask me each and every day?

Is it easy to help a friend who is selfish and takes but never gives? Do they have anything to give?

That Person Who Just Cannot Seem To Get It Together

Is it easy to help a person who cannot help themselves?

Is it easy to help a person that will not help themselves?

How can I tell if a person is really trying or not?

And Then There’s Us

And is it up to me to make that call? (referring to the person that seems to not be trying)

When is it okay to NOT help another human being?


…I wonder…

tHE WEEKLY- Reach by Iki Taimi


Pastors Corner:

“The Lord said to Abram, ‘Go from your country, your people, your fathers household to the land I will show you.  I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you.”

GOD (Genesis 12:1,2)



 So many of you reading this know that my sister and brother (Linda and Chris) are making the move up North.  Apart from Linda’s eye being a 1 month set back, they will be soon living in a totally new location, without the community they have been used to for the past 12 years.  Just as painful is the wrenching reality that this community will be without them.  This is a bold move!  Most of us like the comfort and security of being around familiar faces and deep rooted habits.  But these two felt God calling and decided to start a new adventure!

Parts of me are torn over this scenario.  A great portion of me is very sad losing such good friends and church leaders.  A part of me is scared of how we will carry on with them, or them without us.  A part of me doubts that they will like it.  A part of me hopes, in the chance that they don’t like it, for a soon return.  But the biggest part of me, is excited and admires this bold move.  Whether or not they return is not relevant here.  What is relevant is that they felt a calling, and they FOLLOWED IT!

This is not my advocacy for everyone to move on a whim.  This is my reflection on heeding the call that God gives us.  This doesn’t just apply to geographical movement.  So often GOD is calling us to REACH!  Reach further then we have ever reached.  Reach beyond what we are comfortable with.  Most of the time we graciously thank God, and then give Him reasons why we are fine where we are.  It isn’t until, like Abram, we say “Let’s GO!” that God can do with us what He intended.

Where has God been calling you lately?  To be bolder about Christ, to invite friends to church, to be more like Him, to strive for living in excellence, to be more consistent in attending to your spiritual life, to take a on a career that honors Him, and the list can go on and on.  Are we bold enough to MOVE as GOD has called us, or do we settle for what we are used to?!

Just thinking about getting out of our comfortable nominal lives may make us feel sad, scared, doubtful, but if we hear the voice of God, I believe he would shouting out at you and me, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified of them.  For the Lord your God goes with you, He will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deut.31:6) Then Like Linda and Chris, WE will be able to make some bold moves.

Because whether they come back or not, at least they were true to the calling they felt God gave them.  You and I must be sensitive enough to heed God’s calling and strong enough to reach forward as He invites us to.  Who knows, maybe He will lead us back to where we started, but you and I will never be the same as we once were.


Pastor Iki