tHE WEEKLY- Believe by Iki Taimi

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“For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is to gain.

-Paul (Phil. 1:21)

Fill In The Blank:

Fill in the blank for yourself:  For to me, to live is___________, and to _______________ is to gain.  This is our verse of the week.  It’s short, yet very profound.  Our verse today says that to live is Christ and to die is to gain.  We may agree with this verse as a Cristo-centric ideological philosophy, but that doesn’t mean a thing.  The real question is do we BELIEVE it?  To “Agree” about or with something, and to “believe” in something is very different.  For example, opposing teams can agree to certain terms, but each team must believe in the cause of their own teams.  Belief is much deeper, and certainly more meaningful.

So my question is not whether you agree with the verse or not, but whether you believe in that verse.  Are you sold on this verse?  Does this ring true to the very core of your soul?  Has it set your soul on fire with purpose to make this verse transparent in your actions?  Don’t just verbally accept this verse because it’s your christian duty to, but let it stew in your inner most being until it bears appropriate fruit in your praxis.

How do you know if you only “agree”, or if you really “believe”?  This process is easier then you think.  Just look at your practical everyday life.  How do you fill these blanks in every day at work, home, play, school, etc.?  To live is to_______; to ___________is to gain.  A few sample words came to mind that surely have been true in my own life are popularity, wealth, stability, acceptance, success, prosperity, be loved, be admired, sacrifice, protect. Just look at how you fill these blank lines out every day and if there is anything other then “Jesus” and “die” then you merely agree with this verse and not believe in it.

The very thing that fills our every need is Jesus, and though many proclaim this to be a part of their essential beliefs, in practice its’ just a Christian concept they agree with.  Pastor Francis Chan writes, “The irony is that while God doesn’t need us but still wants us, we desperately need God but don’t really want Him most of the time.” You may say that this is not true.  You may claim to want Jesus every day and like Peter claim to follow Him to the very end, but all you really need to do to find out whether that’s true or not is fill in the blanks.  If your actions, thoughts, and desires don’t line up with what Paul is saying then maybe it’s time for an adjustment.  


Pastor Iki


“A Look at the Special Ones of GGCC” By Robert Gutman

Check out this interview about our special little ones of GGCC! 

How did you choose the name of your baby? What does this name mean? Image

Iki Taimi: Mikayla Evalynn Clarion Taimi.

Working backwards- Taimi is the family name
Clarion is her great grandmother’s maiden name
Evalynn is the name of her 2 aunts Eva and Linda put together
Mikayla is a Biblical name (Feminine for Michael meaning who is like God).
Names are a very important part of the Tongan culture.

Rochelle Dawes: I  wanted a Biblical, Afrocentric name so I chose Malachi which means prophet. (Rochelle Dawes).

Was the pregnancy easy or hard on the father? Was the pregnancy easy or hard on the mother?

Iki Taimi: It was actually quite rewarding. It was easy but only due to my wife handling it so well.

Rochelle Dawes: The pregnancy worried Dad because he was scared he would pass out during the delivery, so he decided not to watch the baby coming out. The pregnancy was long and at times very painful.

Iki Taimi: You’d have to ask her. But from the outside she looked like she was cruising!

Any fun facts that you learned quickly after the newborn arrived at home?

Rochelle Dawes: After the newborn arrived home Steven and I got to sleep. I noticed Malachi did not like noise.

Iki Taimi: YES!! As good advice from Joe Williams goes, immediately after the baby comes out…DONT LOOK BACK!!!! lol….he was very right!

Also keep a change of clothes and wipes for baby in the car and a change of clothes and wipes for yourself in your car!

Also your baby and sleep don’t get along- so once she/he hits the scene your sleep will leave!

Any funny/ interesting details about your baby?

Rochelle Dawes: Malachi did not people who talked loud or being in a noisy environment.

Iki Taimi: Our baby does horse impressions, and growls. She doesn’t really look like either one of us.

What do you know NOW that you wish you would have known THEN?

Rochelle Dawes: I wished I would have known how much support is needed because you really need a village to raise a baby.

Iki Taimi: How badly I would be sleep deprived (i.e. I’m writing this at 3:30 am while baby is feeding). [Side Note: Thanks Iki! From Grace Ncube].

How many more babies do you plan on having?

Iki Taimi: We would like to have 3 or 4 if possible.

What are your wishes for your baby’s future?

Iki Taimi: That she loves God with all her heart and that she believes she can be anything she wants to be and not just what the world around her tries to sell her.

How did your baby reveal God to you?

Iki Taimi: The love that I experienced has been so powerful that it gave me a small glimpse of how in love God must be with me.

How was your baby a miracle?


Iki Taimi: LIFE….everyday!

Any tips for those considering having a GGCC baby?

Iki Taimi: Don’t do it…AHAHAHA….seriously though!! AHAHAHA! That’s a joke! It’ll be the most amazing experience you will have. It will change everything. DO IT!!

Anything you’d wish to add?

Iki Taimi: Sleep!!!!! Oh sleep where hast thou gone?!?  Why dist thou elude me like a sly minx who slips through my fingers and onto a place of solace to which I cannot go!